Slow-carb and The 4 Hour Body – Day 2

I should go shopping before deciding on the week’s menu, and definitely before posting said menu online.  Small hiccup with a number of intended key ingredients being out of season.  Cucumber is out and I couldn’t find any red capsicum at my organic grocer (not a fan of the green ones and wont buy non organic capsicum as it’s generally heavily sprayed).  Also decided that I’ve had enough ‘slaw for the moment (I ate it almost every day last month).

So the revised slow-carb menu is as follows for this week: Continue reading

Slow-carb & The 4 Hour Body

I’ve been away for the last couple of weeks, which has made eating healthily a challenge (willpower? what willpower?!).  Beer tastes good.  Gluten free brownies taste better.  And the carrot cake muffins were divine (if you’re ever in northern NSW, Brunswick Heads Health Foods has some very spectacular eats and treats, mostly gluten-free).

Before I went away I got myself a Google Nexus 7 tablet/e-reader.  I am totally in love with it for a variety of reasons, one of which is e-books (yes, sometimes it takes me a while to adopt new technology, I’ve only just caught on to e-books).  A book that has had a thorough going through (and with the ability to highlight, bookmark and search for text, the electronic version makes referencing SO much easier!) is Tim Ferriss’ The 4 Hour Body.  I was skeptical at first Continue reading

Paleo Women are Phat – Life Changing Article

I think this post: Paleo Women are Phat by Laura on will change my life.

The general theme of my last few posts has been my need for a flat tummy, which more specifically has meant my desire to have less body fat.  I don’t actually know what my present body fat composition is – I have simply assumed that this is way higher than it should be because I don’t look as lean as I think I should.  I thought that a Paleo woman should be as lean and toned as physically possible and if I wasnt, then I was failing at Paleo and letting myself down.  There are countless photos I’ve pinned and posted of the women I wanted to look like.  The general theme is that they’re all incredibly toned, with minimal body fat.

I also did what several others seem to have done when looking at the PaleoFX photos and thought ‘gee some of the girls aren’t very toned’.  There’s a multitude of reasons for why some of them weren’t as I expected.  Continue reading