Whole30 Day 2

Nine cups of vegetables per days is A LOT of vegetables.  I still need to go and stock up on brightly coloureds (it was 40C/104F yesterday so I wasn’t going anywhere).  Today I’m off to my folks, where my mum has a nice big food processor that’s perfect for making Kale Pesto and Watermelon and Tomato Gazpacho, both of which are rather tasty and an easy way of getting a huge intake of veg with little effort.  I just need to be really careful to avoid contraband while I’m visiting.  Their house is most certainly not Whole30 compliant (yet … I’ll get them to paleo eventually).  In the meantime, I’ll need to be on guard at all times.  Planning is everything – take my own foods and have a prepared list of items I will eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.  Not having a plan (and sticking to it!) is where I screwed up Day 1, Take 1 and 2 and have buggered up earlier attempts at Whole30 and even the final week of Slow Carb/4 Hour Body.  Plan to succeed or you plan to fail! Continue reading

Whole30 Day 1

Woo hoo!  I finally made it past day 1!  I seriously cannot believe it took me 3 attempts to get there.  Day 1 – Take 1 was thwarted by NYE leftovers at breakfast – corn chips and beetroot hummus (made with white beans as Mum was out of tahini).  Day 1 – Take 2 was on track until my little sis, who is intolerant to almost everything and never eats out, said she really wanted to eat a meal that wasn’t made at home for once. I couldn’t bring myself to say ‘sorry lets eat at home as I need to pretend to be like you for 30 days’ so I picked the most paleo meals on the menu.  My ‘cheat’ wasnt major – the grilled scallops for entrée had tiny globs of avocado mousse (dairy) on them and my main was a 250g Angus rump steak atop a few divine slivers of buttery shiitake mushroom.  Yep, I could have not eaten both but .. I did.  And a cheat is a cheat, which brings us to Day 1 – Take 3 … Continue reading

Cabbage and Broccoli ‘Slaw

I’m trying to increase my intake of sulphurous vegetables upon the advice of Dr Terry Wahls (excellent TEDx talk here).  Terry has Multiple Sclerosis and is an advocate of Paleo, but with a greater emphasis on eating lots of non-starchy vegetables – at least 9 cups per day (6+ if you’re a girl) – comprising 3 cups of leafy greens, 3 cups of sulphur-containing (kale is an excellent choice as it is both a leafy green and a sulphurous veg) and Continue reading