Read Thy Labels! : Whole 30 Final Stretch

I’ve come unstuck again.  This time, I fell over a sausage hurdle.  In my defence, the sausages were not purchased by me, nor cooked by me and I did ask ‘are these gluten free’ and received a ‘yes’ prior to chomping on said sausage.    Then reality hit me as I remembered that my mum (the sausage chef) often buys meat from a national supermarket chain…. ‘wait, where did you get these from’ … ‘Woolworths’.  Crap.  Further investigation uncovered rice flour and a couple of preservatives that are not Whole30 compliant.  Sigh.

I accept full responsiblity.  I should have asked more questions before chowing down. Even worse, I didn’t actually need to eat at that point in time.  I could have waited until my perfectly paleo dinner instead of snacking on leftover cold contraband.  But this brings me to my main point : READ FOOD LABELS CAREFULLY. Continue reading

Chocolate Almond Cookie Dough

This was one of my slow-carb/4 Hour Body binge day treats.  It’s super easy to make and ready to eat as soon as you mix it all up (hence the ‘cookie dough’ reference – you can just eat it out of the bowl).  Alternately, you can also scoop out chunks of dough, put onto a tray, put in the fridge or freezer for a few hours and hey presto, you’ve got yourself some no-bake choc-nut cookies.

No-Bake Choc Chip Cookies.  Eat it straight out of the bowl if you want to keep it really simple 🙂

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Honey Cakes with Raspberry Cream

I can’t follow a recipe.  Not even a straight forward one like this.  But that’s ok, it (generally) works out in the end and it certainly did this time. I used honey instead of maple syrup, coconut oil instead of palm shortening, raspberries instead of strawbs and as the cream I had was the really thick dollopy kind, I didn’t bother whipping it.

Honey Cakes with Raspberry Cream

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