Whisky Honey Sriracha Glazed Chicken

I wanted a sticky sauce with a lot of punch.  I got it.

I based my recipe on the Bourbon Maple Glazed Chicken recipe found here.

A lack of bourbon and maple syrup in the house meant the need for a rethink.  As I’m currently living on the Isle of Islay in Scotland, there tends to be a lot of whisky about, and I also happened to have some honey. I wanted something a bit smokey, so I selected Port Charlotte Scottish Barley (40ppm) for the whisky.

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Waste Not Want Not – Awesome Orange Ginger Lamb

Last night I made Orange Ginger Drumsticks and the sauce/marinade was divine.  So today, as I was finishing off the last of that meal, I pondered what to do with the tasty, congealed (it had been in the fridge overnight) goodness in the bottom of the container.  In a past life I’d have soaked it all up with rice, but not anymore … and then I had a moment of genius (in an absence of modesty) … add leftover marinade/sauce to the lamb shank in my fridge.

Ginger Orange Lamb Shank with Celeriac

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