What Do I Know and What Can I Tell You About Weightlifting?

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“While technique is generally stereotypical in a sense that bringing that barbell up overhead or onto the shoulders looks pretty much the same for everyone, technique is something that differentiates a particular lifter from another. It’s the minute differences that makes technique unique to the individual. “

The Training Geek.

“So what do you know about weightlifting?”


My answer? I don’t know much. I am still learning like everyone else. In fact, you should always be learning, if not it means you will be stuck at a point with no progress. As a lifter, a different weight is a totally different learning experience. If you are not learning, then you are going nowhere.

So back to what I know about weightlifting. People will doubt. People will hate. But I know what I know and I share what I know about it. I know the simple stuff. I know the biomechanics of it. I won’t say I know everything. But I scratch the surface of what there is about technique, what there is about weightlifting. So here’s sharing it with you through what I have learnt so far.

1. Individual Differences.


Every weightlifter is different. Even if they are identical twins…

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Understanding Your Start Position.

The Training Geek.

Your start position is what allows you to create leverage for the first pull, and subsequently put you in a good position for the second pull.


Using some principles in biomechanics and my understanding based on my research into the start position of the snatch, I will try to explain how to look at your start position from a simple biomechanical perspective. Also, you need to understand that there will be individual differences due to body type, height, limb lengths and even the type of lifts performed.

The purpose of the start position is to allow us to effectively use the muscles in the legs such as the knee and hip extensors to produce force to overcome inertia to get the barbell moving in the first pull. The predominant movement is knee extension with little hip extension (NOT no hip extension). This means more of the quads are being used…

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Pressing Mechanics and The Knee Pushup Up Disaster

Very interesting post and video on why push-ups from your knees may result in you never making it to your toes.  I am still (or was!) doing push-ups on my knees in the hope I’d build up the strength required to do them properly on my toes, but as this video shows, that’s not the best way of going about it.  Introducing … the worm-back-up.  🙂



Modern Paleo Warfare: The last post you’ll read here

Great post by Modern Paleo Warfare.

“Have you written down your goals?  Have you made yourself accountable to others?  Have you done a proper shop?  Have you taken your ‘before’ photo?  Have you sweated?  Have you burnt your bridges?  Because it’s gut check time.  It’s balls to the walls time.  It’s drastic, life or death, ‘you’re the hero’ time.  It’s God-damn hard work and never, NEVER, giving up.  It’s deciding if you want to stay in the grave you’ve dug for yourself or emotionally and mentally scarring yourself enough to make that change.  Yes it’s that dramatic.  And yes, it’s that important.”

3 Steps To A Better Backside

Some great exercises for an awesome butt 🙂

Movement. Strength. Education.

Nice bum, where ya from?  Great pick up line, right?  I’ve written about training butts several times in the past on this blog.  Namely here and here.   This time I share what I personally think works best.  Now, there is arguably better ways to do it from an athletic perspective “butt” in this case I am more so talking about appearance.  In other words, if you want to look good, do this and it won’t hurt to do as an athlete either.

1.  Single Leg Deadlifts

I personally have a love hate relationship with Single Leg Deadlifts.  They’re aren’t easy but they make my glutes sore so I know they work great.  I often say that soreness is not a good indicator of great training but in this case I know the target area is being trained effectively.  If you love bilateral barbell deadlifts like I do I assure…

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