Joie de Vivre

La joie de vivre – the joy and passion of life and living.  A few years ago I read a friend’s copy of Mireille Guillano’s ‘French Women Don’t Get Fat‘ and then I purchased the follow-up book ‘French Women For All Seasons‘.  FWFAS is predominantly a cook book but there are lots of great suggestions on how to eat well, live well and be well.  It was only after a recent re-read that I realised how closely Mireille’s French Women philosophy aligns with many primal/paleo philosophies.  Granted, the French eat waaay more bread and cheese than you’ll see recommended by any primal/paleo aficionado, but the fundamental principles are there: Continue reading

Resolutions & Goal Setting

As we are not too far into the start of a new year, a common topic of conversation is resolutions and it was a resolution made towards the end of last year that got me writing this in the first place.  To be honest, I generally hate the kind you make on New Year’s Eve – they often involve alcohol (i.e. the giving up or lessening consumption of) but they tend to last only as long as the next function you attend where your friends/colleagues are drinking  and all your good intentions fly out the window. Continue reading