Paleo Women are Phat – Life Changing Article

I think this post: Paleo Women are Phat by Laura on will change my life.

The general theme of my last few posts has been my need for a flat tummy, which more specifically has meant my desire to have less body fat.  I don’t actually know what my present body fat composition is – I have simply assumed that this is way higher than it should be because I don’t look as lean as I think I should.  I thought that a Paleo woman should be as lean and toned as physically possible and if I wasnt, then I was failing at Paleo and letting myself down.  There are countless photos I’ve pinned and posted of the women I wanted to look like.  The general theme is that they’re all incredibly toned, with minimal body fat.

I also did what several others seem to have done when looking at the PaleoFX photos and thought ‘gee some of the girls aren’t very toned’.  There’s a multitude of reasons for why some of them weren’t as I expected.  Continue reading