Loving EarthCoconut Oil, Activated Nuts, Cacao Nibs, Dried Berries

NiulifeCreamed coconut concentrate, coconut sauce/aminos

Milawa Free Range Poultry – really good, certified organic, pasteured chooks.  Available from Skinner and Hackett (Carlton North) and Terra Madre (Northcote).

Ruby Hills Organics – Awesome eggs. Chickens are properly free range/free to roam in pasture.  The yolks are generally a bright orange and taste fantastic.  Best when fried in organic ghee.

Jasper Coffee– Many Organic and/or Fairtrade options.

Optimoz – Bullet Proof Coffee.  I jumped on the Bulletproof bandwagon a little while ago, and while I’ve stopped having my coffee bullet-proof (long story) I reckon these coffee beans are some of the best I’ve ever had.  They’ve never given me brain fog, nor any tummy upsets, and it tastes great when brewed via both stove top and Aeropress methods.  I find with most coffee that if it works well with one method, it tastes average, or dreadful, with the other.  I really love this coffee, but it is quite expensive.  Make sure you sign up to the Optimoz website before placing an order, as they usually reward you with a $10 discount code, which will cover most of the cost of shipping.

Mojo Kombucha – I really like the original and the ginger.  I mostly now just drink my own kombucha brewed using Yerba Mate from Eco Teas (below).  SCOBY available from Tumbletree.   Continuous brew pots available from Durand.

Eco Teas – for their Yerba Mate tea.  One of few teas that doesnt give me brain fog (I have issues with most black and green teas).

Bonvit – Dandelion Tea. Good caffeine free alternative to tea and also no brain fog probs.  I do not believe it’s a good substitute for coffee.  It tastes nothing like coffee.  Dandelion tea is to coffee as cacao nibs are to chocolate.  Not a substitute.  Tis a nice tea though.

Best places to buy groceries in Melbourne: Terra Madre (Northcote) — HUUUUUGE range of everything you could possibly want, including coconut aminos, coconut vinegar, raw sauerkraut, activated nuts (bulk), kombucha, yerba tea, dandelion tea, jasper coffee (all my fav things).  Eastfield Organics are much smaller, but currently closer to home (Croydon/Bayswater) — excellent fruit/veg section.  The Staple Store in Ripponlea also stocks some wonderful products.