I <3 Mayo

This Whole 30, I subscribed to the Whole30 daily email in an attempt to keep me on track.  There have been some very useful tips and today’s email (Day 17) has some fantastic ideas for what to do with one of my favourite food accessories … home-made olive oil mayonnaise.  I often end up eating it by the spoonful; it’s that good.  Here’s a summary of what they suggest:

  • Slather on to roasted meat to protect lean cuts and keep them nice and juicy i.e. salmon, pork, chicken. For salmon, place fish on foil in a baking pan, wet with lemon juice, dust with salt, garlic powder and thyme (you could add some grated lemon or lime zest too). Slap on some mayonnaise then bake at 400F/205C for 20 minutes.  Add flaked or ground almonds [or shredded coconut] before roasting, for a nice crust.
  • Egg salad: chopped hard-boiled eggs, mayo, salt, pepper.  Optional: flaked tinned tuna [or salmon or shredded chicken or chopped capsicum] and spring onions. I like to serve egg salad in little lettuce ‘boats’ (baby cos or witlof is good for this) with chopped bacon or ham.

The next time you roast meat, serve it with a side of mayo (especially roast lamb or chicken).  It is also superb plonked on burgers.  You can’t go wrong with roast sweet potato fries (unpeeled, cut into chips/slivers, oiled, salted and roasted at 200C/400F 30 min or until golden and soft in the middle) and a dipping bowl of spiced-up mayo (play around with your spices — chopped fresh coriander, basil or parsley — chopped jalapenos — a teaspoon or two of your fav ground spice — coriander, cumin, Cajun or Jerk seasoning… endless possibilities (just check any spice blend ingredients as many contain sugar or other non-W30 approved additions).

Other dressings, dips and sauces suggested were: