Chocolate Almond Cookie Dough

This was one of my slow-carb/4 Hour Body binge day treats.  It’s super easy to make and ready to eat as soon as you mix it all up (hence the ‘cookie dough’ reference – you can just eat it out of the bowl).  Alternately, you can also scoop out chunks of dough, put onto a tray, put in the fridge or freezer for a few hours and hey presto, you’ve got yourself some no-bake choc-nut cookies.

No-Bake Choc Chip Cookies.  Eat it straight out of the bowl if you want to keep it really simple 🙂

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The Wheels Have Fallen Off The Wagon – Paleo Spiced Cranberry Cookies

So much for ‘I’ve decided to give up drinking’.  That worked really nicely in theory.  In between bouts of wine tasting in McLaren Vale, I’ve been baking a lot lately.  I’ve found a new compulsion, and I’m not entirely sure whether it’s a good or bad one but it’s damn tasty either way. Continue reading