Dont Drink The Little Cauliflowers

First Lesson of the Week: winging it when doing DIY fermented milk probably won’t kill you but success can be more readily assured if you do your homework first.  I’ve been making what I thought was Kefir for the past 3 weeks. Continue reading

Slow carb/4 Hour Body – Week 2/3 Wrap Up

Lesson of the week
Don’t eat too many lentils. Half a cup with lunch or dinner is OK. Being lazy and simply eating a bowl of these on their own for dinner, in addition to those you ate with the French Lentil and Carrot salad at lunch, has nasty repercussions and is just asking for trouble. Everything in moderation. Speaking of … Continue reading

Slow-carb/4 Hour Body – Week 1 Wrap Up

For better or for worse, this is what I ate/drank/did in the first week of the slow-carb/4 Hour Body diet.  Unless otherwise stated, meals were consumed approx 4 hours apart and breakfast was within 1 hour of getting up, although on days 1 and 2 I cut this a bit fine.  There were a few learning curves: making sure you prepare and cook legumes properly (see here); don’t have any fruit leftover from Binge Day; one whole chipotle chilli gives quite a kick (see here) and; sago pudding for breakfast is awesome (see below). Continue reading

To bean or not to bean, that is the question

Legumes are generally on the ‘no-go’ list for Paleo and Primal.  Though Mark Sisson doesn’t seem to be against them entirely, he makes a rather salient point (in this post): “The bioavailability of minerals in legumes is compromised by the body’s difficulty in digesting them … if you’re going to include legumes in your diet, preparation is everything. Diligent and tailored soaking processes are necessary for the proper digestion and nutrient absorption of legumes.”

Lesson of the week

Make sure you properly soak legumes (or ferment or sprout) prior to cooking/eating. This was something Tim Ferriss noted in The 4 Hour Body but didn’t really elaborate on (that I could see).

Continue reading

Slow-carb and The 4 Hour Body – Day 2

I should go shopping before deciding on the week’s menu, and definitely before posting said menu online.  Small hiccup with a number of intended key ingredients being out of season.  Cucumber is out and I couldn’t find any red capsicum at my organic grocer (not a fan of the green ones and wont buy non organic capsicum as it’s generally heavily sprayed).  Also decided that I’ve had enough ‘slaw for the moment (I ate it almost every day last month).

So the revised slow-carb menu is as follows for this week: Continue reading

Slow-carb & The 4 Hour Body

I’ve been away for the last couple of weeks, which has made eating healthily a challenge (willpower? what willpower?!).  Beer tastes good.  Gluten free brownies taste better.  And the carrot cake muffins were divine (if you’re ever in northern NSW, Brunswick Heads Health Foods has some very spectacular eats and treats, mostly gluten-free).

Before I went away I got myself a Google Nexus 7 tablet/e-reader.  I am totally in love with it for a variety of reasons, one of which is e-books (yes, sometimes it takes me a while to adopt new technology, I’ve only just caught on to e-books).  A book that has had a thorough going through (and with the ability to highlight, bookmark and search for text, the electronic version makes referencing SO much easier!) is Tim Ferriss’ The 4 Hour Body.  I was skeptical at first Continue reading