Another Whole 30

Technically, I’m only STARTING another Whole 30, rather than ‘doing’ another one, because I didn’t finish ‘doing’ the last one, nor the one before that, nor the one before that, nor … you get the idea.

Why didn’t I finish?  I decided my desire for a quinoa cracker was worth more than my desire to finally finish a Whole 30.  In hindsight, that seems silly, but it made sense at the time.  One of my goals was to break the cycle of bad eating and drinking habits, which I did, until about 2 weeks later, when I started on my bad habits again (chocolate and wine being the most notable).

I’ve just come back from a spectacularly enjoyable 2 weeks in San Francisco, where I ate and drank whatever took my fancy, and I fancied a plentiful array of varied things (though mainly soft corn tacos with pulled pork, washed down with a margarita).  My exercise routine was awesome at least; I walked almost everywhere, which meant up all those damn (but very pretty) hills.  I also made it to San Francisco Crossfit which was one of the highlights of the trip.  I’m totally in love with San Francisco – and not just because of SFCF although that does have somewhat to do with it 🙂

Anyhow, back to my reason for doing another Whole 30 and how I’m going to go about it a little differently this time.  What’s worked well for me in the past is to ensure all my meals are prepared in advance.  It’s not that hard, you just have to make time for it one day in the week.  Last time ‘stuff’ happened, and I got behind on food prep.  The ‘stuff’ was also a bit stressful, so my cravings for convenient comfort foods stepped up notch (the non-W30 quinoa cracker was for consuming W30 compatible avocado dip, but that’s not the point, as there was more than one cracker on more than one day and it snowballed into chocolate, and sugar is my crack).  I’m also living in a house where contraband is EVERYWHERE and regularly consumed.  There’s nothing I can do about that again this time.  I also wont have much control over what ‘life’ happens to throw at me for the next 30 days, but what I can try to influence are my motivators for sticking with it.  I have performance and aesthetic goals I’d like to achieve over the next couple of months, and they’ll be easier to accomplish if I’m eating cleanly (and not drinking!).  I had these goals last time, but to help me stick to the Whole 30 and help me reach my goals, I’ve decided to enforce a substantial penalty for breaking the Whole 30.  Money is a good driver for me, and I can’t stand my current government, so I’ve decided that if I don’t finish the Whole 30 this time, I have to donate $300 to the Australian Liberal Party.  I did initially consider donating money to my favourite charity Room to Read (check them out, as they’re a fantastic organisation) however, I’d have been happy to donate money to them, and the whole purpose of a penalty is to hurt.   Donating to Mr Rabbit would kill me, especially if I think how Room to Read would have done something incredible with it (like educate a child).

So there it is.  Tomorrow I start my umpteenth Whole 30, and this time the reason for not finishing it better involve me dying/near death.