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My name is Amanda, I’m based in Melbourne, Australia and my goal is to be happy, healthy and strong.

I used to hate exercise and eat a typical western diet (lots of grains, low fat) and at one point I even dabbled as a vegetarian. I was motivated to change my lifestyle in 2010 when a good friend of mine invited me to her wedding. My friend and her friends are absolutely gorgeous girls and while I knew one month wasn’t going to turn years of bad habits into a stunning physique, I did know that if I had at least started upon the road to ‘recovery’ then I could hold my head up high, confident that I was finally doing something about it. So I started bootcamp and counting calories and at one point I was even jogging regularly and enjoying it (shock!). It took me 12 months but I managed to lose 12 kgs and almost as many centimetres off my hips and waist.

Mid 2011 I stumbled upon the concept of primal/paleo eating. I also picked up a copy of Gary Taubes’ book ‘Good Calories, Bad Calories’. While I’m now convinced that sugar is evil and grains are not my friend, I do struggle sometimes to resist their deliciousness. Evil or not, they still taste damn good.

Fortunately for me, I love to cook, so I’ve been finding it relatively easy to substitute unhealthy ingredients with good clean ones.  I’m slightly obsessed with finding new recipes and information online and then sharing these discoveries with friends and family (whether they like it or not!). This blog has been set up to give my friends and family (and anyone else who might be interested) the opportunity (and the choice) to share my enthusiasm in their own time.

One of the biggest challenges I’ve faced going primal/paleo is simply sourcing all the ingredients I want/need – ordering from overseas is often not possible (good luck getting jerky through quarantine) or prohibitively expensive (sourcing coconut cream concentrate from one very popular USA supplier could cost up to $160 per shipment!). I know I would have found it much easier to have an Australian website that said ‘you can buy X from these guys’ but I didn’t find one, so hopefully this blog can also help fill that void by highlighting some of the products I love and where you can get them from (see the Suppliers tab).  I also generally hyperlink ingredients I use back to where I got them from, or provide further info on what the ingredient is.

I believe in eating/living as sustainably and cruelty-free as possible.  Yes, I eat meat, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t care how the animals or animal products I consume are raised/treated.  I choose to eat organic produce whenever possible and also try to ensure that free range chicken and pork products are actually free to roam on pasture, not just one of thousands ‘free’ in a shed or simply bred free range.

Hopefully this blog and the associated Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/HappyHealthyStrong will be help me (and you) to be Happy, Healthy and Strong.

  • Hi! I am starting a blog and stubled across yours because my title is happyhealthystrong and had to add the 88 because you had the title already. Lol.. any who love your motto! It is ours also and a great one to live by! We are paleo crossfitters and are not pros and have only been doing it for about a year now. Good luck to you and your journey!

    • Hello! I completely agree that happyhealthystrong is a great motto to live by 🙂 Good luck with your blogging!

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