What Do I Know and What Can I Tell You About Weightlifting?

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“While technique is generally stereotypical in a sense that bringing that barbell up overhead or onto the shoulders looks pretty much the same for everyone, technique is something that differentiates a particular lifter from another. It’s the minute differences that makes technique unique to the individual. “

The Training Geek.

“So what do you know about weightlifting?”


My answer? I don’t know much. I am still learning like everyone else. In fact, you should always be learning, if not it means you will be stuck at a point with no progress. As a lifter, a different weight is a totally different learning experience. If you are not learning, then you are going nowhere.

So back to what I know about weightlifting. People will doubt. People will hate. But I know what I know and I share what I know about it. I know the simple stuff. I know the biomechanics of it. I won’t say I know everything. But I scratch the surface of what there is about technique, what there is about weightlifting. So here’s sharing it with you through what I have learnt so far.

1. Individual Differences.


Every weightlifter is different. Even if they are identical twins…

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