Whole30 Day 2

Nine cups of vegetables per days is A LOT of vegetables.  I still need to go and stock up on brightly coloureds (it was 40C/104F yesterday so I wasn’t going anywhere).  Today I’m off to my folks, where my mum has a nice big food processor that’s perfect for making Kale Pesto and Watermelon and Tomato Gazpacho, both of which are rather tasty and an easy way of getting a huge intake of veg with little effort.  I just need to be really careful to avoid contraband while I’m visiting.  Their house is most certainly not Whole30 compliant (yet … I’ll get them to paleo eventually).  In the meantime, I’ll need to be on guard at all times.  Planning is everything – take my own foods and have a prepared list of items I will eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.  Not having a plan (and sticking to it!) is where I screwed up Day 1, Take 1 and 2 and have buggered up earlier attempts at Whole30 and even the final week of Slow Carb/4 Hour Body.  Plan to succeed or you plan to fail!



  • 120g sliced corned beef
  • ~2 tbsp beetroot hummus
  • 1 cup chopped cantaloupe
  • 1 cup roast pumpkin, drizzled with macadamia oil, sprinkled with hemp seeds
  • 1 handful snowpeas


3 cups of leafy greens

3 cups of leafy greens


  • walk cog to the park, swelter/sweat in the sauna that is Melbourne (40.3C at 7pm!)
The Cog - eyeing off my dinner.

The Cog – eyeing off my dinner.

Lessons of the day

Mark Sisson says I need to eat more shellfish. Coincidentally, the Seasonal and Regional book my friend thoughtfully gave me for Xmas reckons mussel farming in Victoria is quite sustainable.  I’ve avoided most seafood for a while now because it’s either endangered/low stock or farmed (which is generally crap for the environment).  As mussels (and oysters) don’t need extra ‘feed’ (they’re filter feeders and live off whatever organic matter is floating in the water around them) they’re not as bad for the environment as, for instance, farmed salmon.  Mark says they’re “rich in B-vitamins, selenium, zinc, and protein, but also come with good amounts of magnesium and manganese” so next week … it’s off to the Queen Vic Market for mussels (they’re presently in season, whereas oysters are generally a winter product).  Yum.

In the same article, Mark also says I need to eat more liver – something I already knew – and have made part of my 2013 goals – more liver, more bone broth, more veg.  While I’m getting the mussels next week, I’ll have to pick up some organic chicken livers … then figure out what to do with them.  Perhaps Bacon Wrapped? (without the maple bbq sauce to make it Whole30 compatible) or Chopped?  I’ve never cooked liver myself before – it’s always been prepared for me (mmm… duck liver pate).  I suppose there’s a first time for everything …