The gluten made her do it…

The gluten made her do it…

Incredibly interesting article.  I’m fairly sure gluten interferes with my sleep (can’t get to sleep, wake easily, then very tired the next morning) and causes me to be exhausted by the end of the week.  I don’t get any GI symptoms from gluten so it’s taken me a while to figure out that it may be causing other problems.

“an estimated 3 million Americans have celiac disease, which causes a wide variety of symptoms, ranging from depression to abdominal pain. The NFCA says research indicates that six times as many Americans—18 million—have non-celiac gluten sensitivity. Dorfman said it’s not uncommon for her to see patients in her practice whose only symptoms of gluten intolerance have to do with their behavior and mood. It tends to run in families”

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  • I didn’t have the GI symptoms until I was close to 50 years old. I didn’t realize that I actually had malabsorption issues, though, which is why I was always so thin. Once I dropped gluten, I actually gained weight, unlike most people. I simply wasn’t getting the nutrients from my food. Why did it take me so long to discover my gluten intolerance? Life’s stresses kicked it into high gear, I understand. Makes sense in my situation.

    • I suspect my entire family is gluten intol – my sister has had nasty GI symptoms for years but is negative for celiacs and my brother has just started getting GI issues. Most people wouldnt even realise they had a gluten problem until the GI symptoms started to appear, and yet, they’ve probably had non-GI symptoms for years. I wonder how many poor kids, given serious drugs after being diagnosed with ADD, are actually just gluten intolerant.

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