Slow carb/4 Hour Body – Week 2/3 Wrap Up

Lesson of the week
Don’t eat too many lentils. Half a cup with lunch or dinner is OK. Being lazy and simply eating a bowl of these on their own for dinner, in addition to those you ate with the French Lentil and Carrot salad at lunch, has nasty repercussions and is just asking for trouble. Everything in moderation. Speaking of …

I struggled this week with Tim’s ‘2 glasses of dry red a day is OK’ concept – a moderate amount being only 2 glasses … not 5 .. or 6 … I think I will need to reinstate a rule I’ve implemented before – nominate ‘x’ number of days that I can drink in a month and ONLY drink on that many days. I used it in August (8) and September (6) with success. It allowed me to drink once a week (generally pre-planned days) and leave a couple of extra days available for impromptu gatherings. Binge days are obvious drinking day candidates as I’m already making the most of these by being out and about.  Part of me says ‘just try moderation’ but the other part knows better…

The last week has been a bit of a mess food + drink wise. My binge day was scheduled to coincide with Derby Day at Flemington. I totally overdosed on sugar – particularly baklawa (Abla’s Patisserie … drool) and also on wheat (French Fantasies baguettes filled with chicken and mayo, ham and brie). I felt really bloated by the end of the day.  The day after I felt sluggish and I have been struggling with sugar cravings ever since (and by struggling, I mean caving in to temptation).

While my first binge day had quite a lot of sugar (relative to non binge days) it was nothing like last week and I kept wheat to a minimum (a couple of pieces of pita and some servings of sprouted wheat/freekah salad). I also drank A LOT of water (over 2L) week 1, plus citrus kombucha. Tim Ferriss stipulates in The 4 Hour Body that drinking a tonne of water on binge day is very important to flush out the food as quickly as possible. Additionally, citrus consumption is important as lemon (and lime, I think?) helps to lower your body’s glycemic response. I’m fairly sure my glycemic response went into hyper-drive last Saturday then continued to bounce off the walls for the next few days. I drank over quota on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, forced myself to have an AFD Wednesday, then just managed to keep it to 2.5 glasses of red on Thursday.  There may have been an episode involving some of the leftover cookie dough from week 1 too (I did at least share that with family).  Oh, and some 85% Lindt dark choc + activated walnuts .. damn that’s a good mix.

One positive is that I’ve lost 2kg since I started.   I’m sure the scales lie.

Strategy for this week
Binge day: 1. avoid the bread 2. drink at least 1.5 L of water with lemon 3. don’t eat a whole plate of baklawa (or cookies, or whatever this week’s dessert options are).
Rest of week: 1. stick to menu/planned foods only. 2. If can’t stick to 2 drink limit, re-instigate designated drinking days rule.

Menu for this week

  • 2 eggs, spinach, black bean salsa or 1/2 tin Spanish mackerel fillets
  • Red lentils (cooked as per French Lentils) with cubed pumpkin (boiled until al dente in water + coconut oil) , green beans and mixed salad.  Macadiamia oil + hemp seed dressing.
  • Diced chicken thighs cooked in butter and macadamia oil, with fresh rosemary, dried fennel seeds, sliced red capsicum and shredded kale
  • Sliced BBQ restaurant rump