3 Steps To A Better Backside

Some great exercises for an awesome butt 🙂

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Nice bum, where ya from?  Great pick up line, right?  I’ve written about training butts several times in the past on this blog.  Namely here and here.   This time I share what I personally think works best.  Now, there is arguably better ways to do it from an athletic perspective “butt” in this case I am more so talking about appearance.  In other words, if you want to look good, do this and it won’t hurt to do as an athlete either.

1.  Single Leg Deadlifts

I personally have a love hate relationship with Single Leg Deadlifts.  They’re aren’t easy but they make my glutes sore so I know they work great.  I often say that soreness is not a good indicator of great training but in this case I know the target area is being trained effectively.  If you love bilateral barbell deadlifts like I do I assure…

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