Chicken Adobo

I love recipes that require only a few good quality ingredients to taste spectacular.  This is a really fast easy way of doing what is traditionally a simple but slower to prepare dish;  ‘Adobo‘ according to my quick Wiki search means ‘marinade’ but this version (which I adapted from a Sunday Life (The Age on Sunday) ‘Filipino Chicken Adobe’ recipe by Ricky Ocampo) skips the marination step.

Chicken Adobo

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Cheat’s Mushroom Risotto

The ‘cheat’ part of this recipe refers to two things: it’s risotto made in a rice cooker and it was part of this week’s cheat/binge day festivities.  I’ve been using this one day of the week to make the most of high carb treats (i.e. cookie dough, sago pudding) and one of my fav carb heavy foods is brown + wild rice with butter.  The next logical step is to add mushrooms and call it risotto. 🙂

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3 Steps To A Better Backside

Some great exercises for an awesome butt 🙂

Movement. Strength. Education.

Nice bum, where ya from?  Great pick up line, right?  I’ve written about training butts several times in the past on this blog.  Namely here and here.   This time I share what I personally think works best.  Now, there is arguably better ways to do it from an athletic perspective “butt” in this case I am more so talking about appearance.  In other words, if you want to look good, do this and it won’t hurt to do as an athlete either.

1.  Single Leg Deadlifts

I personally have a love hate relationship with Single Leg Deadlifts.  They’re aren’t easy but they make my glutes sore so I know they work great.  I often say that soreness is not a good indicator of great training but in this case I know the target area is being trained effectively.  If you love bilateral barbell deadlifts like I do I assure…

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Slow carb/4 Hour Body – Week 2/3 Wrap Up

Lesson of the week
Don’t eat too many lentils. Half a cup with lunch or dinner is OK. Being lazy and simply eating a bowl of these on their own for dinner, in addition to those you ate with the French Lentil and Carrot salad at lunch, has nasty repercussions and is just asking for trouble. Everything in moderation. Speaking of … Continue reading

Slow-carb/4 Hour Body – Week 1 Wrap Up

For better or for worse, this is what I ate/drank/did in the first week of the slow-carb/4 Hour Body diet.  Unless otherwise stated, meals were consumed approx 4 hours apart and breakfast was within 1 hour of getting up, although on days 1 and 2 I cut this a bit fine.  There were a few learning curves: making sure you prepare and cook legumes properly (see here); don’t have any fruit leftover from Binge Day; one whole chipotle chilli gives quite a kick (see here) and; sago pudding for breakfast is awesome (see below). Continue reading

Holy Mole Frijoles Negros

One of the lovely spices I picked up last weekend is whole dried chipotle chilli.  The rating on the pack advises a hotness of 6/10.  10 must be rip roaring hot, cause this 6 will definitely put hairs on your chest.  Chipotle chilli is excellent in tomato based dishes, and I’ve tweaked my Black Bean Salsa recipe  so that it has a lot more punch.  If you’re not a fan of heat, only use half the chilli.  Chipotle + cocoa + black beans + tomato = one awesome salsa/stew a.k.a ‘Mole’ (sauce made with chilli, tomato and chocolate).  If I wasn’t trying to eat slow-carb, I’d add a few squares of good quality chocolate instead of cocoa.

Holy Mole Frijoles Negros – black bean, chipotle and chocolate ‘salsa’ with chopped soft-boiled eggs and avocado

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Chocolate Almond Cookie Dough

This was one of my slow-carb/4 Hour Body binge day treats.  It’s super easy to make and ready to eat as soon as you mix it all up (hence the ‘cookie dough’ reference – you can just eat it out of the bowl).  Alternately, you can also scoop out chunks of dough, put onto a tray, put in the fridge or freezer for a few hours and hey presto, you’ve got yourself some no-bake choc-nut cookies.

No-Bake Choc Chip Cookies.  Eat it straight out of the bowl if you want to keep it really simple 🙂

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Bush Tomato Chicken with Sauteed Kale

I love herbs and spices and unsurprisingly one of my favourite places is my local spice shop.  A recent visit resulted in a number of new acquisitions: Roasted Wattleseed, Chipotle Chilli and the rather tasty focus of this recipe; Bush Tomato.

“Bush Tomato” refers to plants of the genus Solanum (nightshades) found native in arid parts of Australia – the specific type I purchased is Solanum centrale.  In the recipe below I reckon it has a flavour reminiscent of peanut satay (Wikipedia describes the taste as tamarillo and caramel).

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