Slow-carb and The 4 Hour Body – Day 2

I should go shopping before deciding on the week’s menu, and definitely before posting said menu online.  Small hiccup with a number of intended key ingredients being out of season.  Cucumber is out and I couldn’t find any red capsicum at my organic grocer (not a fan of the green ones and wont buy non organic capsicum as it’s generally heavily sprayed).  Also decided that I’ve had enough ‘slaw for the moment (I ate it almost every day last month).

So the revised slow-carb menu is as follows for this week:

Breakfast: 2 eggs, fried in ghee, with black bean + tomato salsa, sautéed spinach with onions and garlic, 1/2 avocado.

Lunch: 1 Saudi Baharat BBQ chicken thigh (~120g), green lentil salad with grated carrot, mixed lettuce (and maybe some grated beetroot?).  Sprinkling of hemp seeds.  Olive oil and salt dressing.  1/2 avocado if not had at breakfast.

Dinner: ~120g BBQ ‘restaurant rump’ steak, kale, broccoli and cannellini bean salad.

All items are either organic or bio-dynamic (that’s just my personal preference).

Tim Ferriss also advises the consumption of kombucha (which I’ve been drinking anyway and love) and yerba mate tea.  I really like this tea.  It tastes good, is caffeine free and contains lots of anti oxidants. It may also help lower LDL cholesterol.  I have had it hot quite a few times and yesterday I steeped then chilled it and it works really well as an ‘iced’ drink too.  It tastes a little grassy and lacks the bitterness that green tea sometimes gets.

I’ve also come up with a drink of my own – Cinnamon Coconut ‘Hot Chocolate’ (see below).  There’s no added sugar, so it can take a bit to get used to, but I find it a good substitute for coffee as it doesn’t have quite so much caffeine and it’s a bit easier on my tummy which sometimes doesn’t like coffee all that much.  There is of course some caffeine in cacao along with another good buzz/bliss ingredient – Theobromine.  There are two main types of cacao powder – raw and heat-treated.  I am presently drinking the Superfoods raw cacao which is very ‘raw’ .. it’s a bit like dirt, but apparently it has more of its retained nutrients (i.e. flavanols).  It’s still drinkable (the coconut oil takes the edge off) but hot chocolate it definitely aint!  The second type of cacao is heat-treated (this is the sort that you’d buy in most supermarkets) – it seems to be sweeter than raw – not that you’d call cacao ‘sweet’ (it’s all relative 🙂 ).  I recently got a bag from Brunswick Heads Health Foods and this was rather mellow and quite pleasant (relative to the raw).  Just make sure that whatever you use, it contains ONLY cacao – no added sugar – otherwise it’s not slow-carb.  Follow the ingredient links below for more info on why they’re good to incorporate into your diet.  Add it all to a mug, pour on hot water, mix well.

Cinnamon Coconut “Hot Chocolate”

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