Madras Coconut Cauliflower ‘Couscous’

I made this yesterday as part of my launch into 21 days sugar-free (more on that later).  It is a really simple recipe and it tastes FANTASTIC!  It’s slightly sweet (no added sugar I promise) and re-heats really well (I was struggling to not eat it all at once though).  Continue reading

Zucchini “Sadly, I Don’t Own A Tagine” Tagine

As the title suggests, I don’t own a tagine.  I’d like to.  But I don’t.  So I have to cook my veg the new-fashioned way – in a cast iron pan.  A saucepan would also work, but I looove my cast iron pan.  Anything with a fitted lid will do.  The idea of a tagine is to slowly cook the ingredients and have the condensation return to the pan, which is why you need a lid.  This meal came about because I hadn’t been to the store for groceries and these were the only items left in my fridge. 🙂  Lots of recipes come about this way.  This one is rather tasty.  If I had other ingredients, I would have made some meatballs (chicken, lamb, beef…), browned them in the pan first then set them aside and proceeded to do the following recipe, adding them back in for the last 10 mins or so of cooking to reheat/cook them through.

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Roast Pumpkin Frittata

This is my favourite breakfast item at the moment.  With a tiny bit of prep work (pre-roasting the pumpkin) I can have a whole pan of this hot and ready for consumption in under 30 minutes.  There are so many elements you can modify with this recipe.  I’ve used mashed sweet potato when I didn’t have enough pumpkin, and also added pre-cooked, bite-sized pieces of broccoli.  I’ve also replaced the pumpkin all together with pre-boiled bite-sized pieces of potato.  Chopped sage and thyme work well – I prefer to fry the sage in the ghee before adding it to the egg mix, to enhance its flavour and make it crispy. Chopped feta would be a great addition, as would 1/2 cup of grated cheddar or parmesan (on top, or in the mix).  You could also add chopped bacon or chorizo, flaked smoked salmon or trout, instead of the prosciutto.  Alternately, leave out the meat entirely, for a lovely vegetarian option.

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