Easy Peasy Madras Pumpkin Soup

I love Autumn.  Not because it’s getting colder.  Not because the leaves on the tree in my back yard are falling by the tonne and forcing me to clean out the fish ponds underneath every 5 mins.  No, I love Autumn because it heralds the start of pumpkin season.  I LOVE pumpkins.  Pumpkins are incredibly tasty, versatile and Continue reading

Paleo Women are Phat – Life Changing Article

I think this post: Paleo Women are Phat by Laura on ancestralizeme.com will change my life.

The general theme of my last few posts has been my need for a flat tummy, which more specifically has meant my desire to have less body fat.  I don’t actually know what my present body fat composition is – I have simply assumed that this is way higher than it should be because I don’t look as lean as I think I should.  I thought that a Paleo woman should be as lean and toned as physically possible and if I wasnt, then I was failing at Paleo and letting myself down.  There are countless photos I’ve pinned and posted of the women I wanted to look like.  The general theme is that they’re all incredibly toned, with minimal body fat.

I also did what several others seem to have done when looking at the PaleoFX photos and thought ‘gee some of the girls aren’t very toned’.  There’s a multitude of reasons for why some of them weren’t as I expected.  Continue reading