The Great Jerky Experiment – Round 2 – Kangaroo Biltong

After the surprisingly tasty success of Round 1, I’m going to attempt to make one of my favourite foods this week – Biltong.  I’m using kangaroo because it’s really lean (fatty meat makes for rancid jerky) and I can easily get it in fillets rather than steaks, so I can make nice long strips hopefully akin to the Biltong sticks I’ve purchased from South African grocers.  Next time I’d like to try using lamb back-strap for the same reasons.

I’m using this recipe as a guide, but with coconut sugar instead of brown sugar.  As I’m only using 300g of meat (I’m keeping this to small quantities until I’m confident I can consistently turn out a good jerky) I’ve used the following quantities for the dry rub:

1/8th cup coriander seeds (whole)

¼ tsp whole black pepper

1/8th cup organic coconut sugar

1 tsp ground salt (I’m using pink river salt but any good rock salt would do)

I used my trusty mortar and pestle to smash up the coriander and pepper seeds (be careful, as they will fly everywhere if you’re not paying attention) then added in the salt and sugar and smashed it all up a little more.  It might have been a better idea to grind the pepper first as whole pepper doesnt smash terribly well (note the earlier word of caution re: it going everywhere).

I used 1 tsp of Apple Cider vinegar (thought this might add a little extra flavour to the meat rather than using standard white vinegar) and rubbed this into the meat strips (yes, I remembered to cut the meat into strips first this time!).  Then I dipped the meat into the dry rub and made sure the strips were evenly coated.

The strips are now now happily chilling out on a plate in the fridge to marinate overnight.  The real fun begins tomorrow when I get to fire up the food dehydrator once more and drive the dog nuts for a few hours with the (hopefully) delicious smell of spiced meat doing its thing in hot air.

  • Avril says:

    I got a friend to make me a biltong box (he used an old but unused little kitchen cupboard he had in the garage). To christen it, I have just made some kangaroo biltong.
    I agree about the cider vinegar.
    Whole coriander seeds, even blitzed, left me with too many bits of shuck so I’ll use ground coriander in future. I didn’t use any sugar at all, just the coriander, black pepper, sea-salt, and some chilli flakes (too many!)
    I was amazed at how quickly it cured with just a 100W bulb.
    My biltong tastes divine and I’m very proud!
    I’ve now got some venison and beef marinating ready for my next batch.

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